Women-Led Solutions to Local and Global Issues

I was invited to work on an Institute of International Education special roundtable event, featuring Ms. Tina Tchen, Assistant to President Obama, Chief of Staff to the First Lady Michelle Obama, and Executive Director for the White House Council on Women and Girls. I had the honor of designing the invitation, which was sent to and approved by the White House directly! While preparing for the event, I was introduced to many San Francisco Bay Area organizations that empower women globally. It was my first experience working with local women centric organizations and I was deeply impressed, intrigued, and inspired by this group of remarkable women.

Ms. Tchen led a candid conversation, providing us with insight into the initiatives, priorities, and challenges of the White House Council on Women and Girls. Local executive directors were eager to share the impact of their programs, many of which were complimented by Ms. Tchen’s efforts in the White House.

Sitting next to me was Jennifer Seibel Newsom who proudly stood up to announce the release of her new documentary, Miss Representation. Her passion for the film resonated with me and I knew that I needed to find a screening immediately.

The energy from the event has reinforced my passion for women’s empowerment and I look forward to the opportunity of working with these amazing women again.