Vi kommer att sakna dig, Heather!


We could not be more excited for you to start a new adventure in Sweden! A couple of us came together to dedicate this post to you and write about what we’ll miss most while you’re away (yes, you’re coming back). This is our way of saying that we absolutely love you and you will be dearly missed.

She is so Tall and I’m so Little!

The day I met Heather Murphy, I was very intimidated by her. She is so tall and I’m so little!

When I started working with her on E-Mediat, her first conversation with me was: “I’m on the Board of a non-profit, Mira and the organization is hosting a fundraising event, it would be great if you can come.” And I thought to myself, never heard of such a young woman to be a Board member of a non-profit. I was very impressed but that didn’t do much the break the ice between us.

However, once I started to work with her more closely following the changes on our team, I realized that she is a super-cool person. The one thing that Heather has taught me is, how not to stress under pressure. Another thing that I love about Heather is her fashion sense – stylish yet very cool; true California Girl!

Though I’ve known her only for a year, she is a dear friend and I’m going to miss her a lot. I also realize that given Heather’s Facebook activity it will never be an issue to stay connected with her!

Have fun in Sweden and hope to see our Uppsala graduate in the United Nations resolving global conflicts!

-Madhavi Bashin

Expense Reports, Happy Hours and Clothing Exchanges

I know one thing Heather will not miss about IIE – expense reports.  Although, I was always happy when Heather had an expense report to do, because that would give me an excuse to go hang out with her in her office for multiple hours while we would decipher what to do with her challenging reports.  Heather-  I will not only miss doing expense reports with you but hanging out at happy hours and clothing exchanges and in the kitchen at work.  I am so excited to hear all about your adventures and accomplishments in the future, because I know there will be many.  Please stay in touch! We will miss you so much!

-Elisa Manheim

 I Will be Lost Without Your Muscle Shows

I will be lost without your boxing obsession, your “muscle shows”, your horrible jokes (like mine are so much better!) and your extensive knowledge on almost every random fact! I will miss you teaching me how to cook, our happy hours, and long chats about life. You’ve been a genuine friend since the day I met you and I wish you only the best in the next chapter of your life.  Good luck, have fun, and make room because I’ll be coming to visit!

-Nicole Wood

A Good Friend and Colleague


I can’t even imagine this place without you. Thank you for being such a good friend and colleague. You will be sooooo missed, but I know we’ll see you on down the line. Have an amazing time in Sweden. I know you’ll rock it-  I have no doubt!

-Allyson Martinez

I Totally Want to be Her When I Grow Up!

Heather is actually the reason I started volunteering at IVLP. I met her through  a previous manager I had as an intern and Heather agreed to meet with me for coffee and tell me about IIE. She told me all about her job and I thought to myself, “that chick is awesome, I totally want to be her when I grow up!” She suggested I start by volunteering with IVLP which I did a few weeks later.

What I will miss most about Heather is having someone in the office who I can tell my most juicy and embarrassing stories to and know, without a doubt, that she’ll tease me about them later after sharing some of her own. She always makes a point to stop by and say hi, probably just because we have candy in our office but still very much appreciated, and she’s the only person who really understands the absolute necessity of owning way too many pairs of shoes. Hanging out with Heather is always a rockin’ good time and I wish we had played more pool together…maybe when I come visit.

-Korin Hoffman

I’ll Miss Feeling “Old” Together

Gosh, I can’t imagine walking into the office on Monday and Heather not being there. After working together for nearly four years, it will be a hard transition. I will miss her flexing her muscles, reminiscing about our GW days, and lounging on her couch. I’ll miss feeling “old” together… now I will need to stomach this reality all by my lonesome. I’ll miss going to her for advice about work… and life too 🙂 I’ll miss our lunches, happy hours, and sleepovers, and I’ll miss regularly losing to her at word games. Heather, you will be terribly missed. Thank goodness we will get to see you again in October. Best of luck my dear friend!!!

-Arezoo Miot